When I went home for Christmas to Minnesota, I took some photos of Tao. It was freezing, but these photos are beautiful.

Canon 5D Mark III | Sigma 35mm 1.4


Michael and I went to Columbia University today! It was super windy and cold but we got some great shots.

Canon 5D Mark iii , Sigma Art 35mm


Derek and I shot for so long and got some AMAZING photos! I used my flash for the first time and I’m very happy with the results.

I’ve worked with Derek before so I knew they’d turn out amazing.

Canon 5D Mark III, Sigma Art 35mm

Custom preset

London King X HUB meet up 2018

Hosted my first Hub meet up in Central Park last week! We had a great turn out. Got to work with a prism for the first time! Thank you to everyone who came out and I hope to host another one soon!

Check out some of the photos here

Canon 5D Mark III, Sigma Art 35mm

Frankie | 1 Hour session

Frankie booked an hour session with me and we shot 2 different looks in 3 different locations near by. They turned out great! I love being able to send clients photos and have them be shocked at how good they turned out! Check out his testimonial here.

Canon 5D mark III, Sigma Art 35mm

Custom presets I’m working on.

Here’s Frankie’s instagram.

Mackenzie | Mini Session

Mackenzie booked a mini session with me at Central Park. It was such a gorgeous day out and the light was magical. Mackenzie was such a pleasure to capture. I hope to work with her again in the near future!

Canon 5D Mark iii / Sigma Art 35mm

Custom presets I’m currently working on

Mackenzie’s instagram